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Area 3,287,240 sq km
Capital New Delhi
Major Cities Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Hyderabad
Population 1,129,866,154 (2007 est.)
Population growth rate 1.584% (2009 est.)
Birth rate 22.22 births/1,000 population (2009 est.)
Death rate 6.4 deaths/1,000 population (2009 est.)
Male : Female 51.3 : 48.6 (2001 Census).
Rural : Urban 72:28:00
Life expectancy at birth Total population: 68.89 years. Male: 67.46 years / Female: 72.61 years (2009 est.)
GDP - real growth rate 8.6% (Jan - 2010 est.)
Rising GDP Growth Rising Literacy Showing Rate of Population Growth
GDP by sector (2008 Estimate)

Agriculture 17.2%
Industry 29.1%
Services 53.7%
Inflation 13.73% (2010 Estimate)
Literacy % Persons 64.08y
75.3 Females 53.7

% share of age 53% 15% 12% 9% 6% 5%
Age group (years) 0-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+

Asia Research Partners is a full service Market Research firm offering full spectrum of market research services in India, from quantitative online research, CATI research to qualitative depth interviews and focus group discussions.

We offer comprehensive fieldwork solutions for market research companies, consulting companies and corporate clients in need of data collection and business process outsourcing in India.

Our research is nationwide, using in-house interviewers conversant with all major languages, the latest data collection technologies and resources to reach your target audience.

We provide full spectrum of qualitative & quantitative research services which include –

Qualitative Solutions Quantitative Solutions
Focus groups PAPI (Paper and Pen Interviews)
Mini groups CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviews)
Face to Face In-depth interviews CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews)
Face to Face Consumer interviews CAWI (Computer Aided Web/Online Interviews)
Telephonic In-depth interviews
Extended groups
Ethnographic research
CLTs (Central Location Tests)
Mystery Shopping
Street/Mall Intercepts
Stake holders/Key Opinion leaders Interviews
Transcriptions services
Recruitment Services
Employee Satisfaction surveys

India Research Capabilities

  • Focus Group/ One way mirror facilities in all Major cities in India
  • Audio/ Video recording & Web streaming available in all the facilities
  • In-house experienced Moderators with minimum 10 years of experience
  • Recruitments for IDI's/FGDs by CATI or Face to Face
  • Panels/huge databases available for recruitments for the following target Audiences
  • IT Manages & above, Physicians, Surgeons, Consumers, Stakeholders, Key Opinion leaders etc
  • Offices/field staff in different locations in India for large Face to Face/In-depth interviews/Mystery Shopping
  • CATI facility for telephonic interviews

India Research Experience So Far

  • Above 250 FGDs executed successfully
  • More than 150,000 Face to Face interviews executed successfully nationwide
  • Above 10,000 recruitments for in-depth client interviews
  • More than 300 online projects executed successfully in India
  • More than 80,000 Telephonic Interviews executed successfully nationwide 25 + CLTs so Far

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