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Information Technology

Information Technology

Asia Research Partners focuses on IT related research services and offer data collection solutions globally. We execute IT brand trackers, F2F studies, Online focus groups and large online studies with BDMs, IT Directors, Managers and Purchasing Heads. On the consumer side, we execute large CATI, Face to Face, Group Discussions, Online studies globally.

Information Technology (IT) is defined as the design, development, implementation and management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. Today, it has grown to cover most aspects of computing and technology. The largest firms globally include IBM, HP, Dell and Microsoft.The IT/ITeS sector in India has led to employment opportunities, both direct and indirect, of nearly 2.8 million and around 8.9 million respectively. This growth is expected to increase to more than 14 million (direct and indirect) by 2015 and to around 30 million by 2030.The Indian market size of the industry is expected to rise to USD 225 billion by 2020 considering India's competitive position, growing demand for exports, Government policy support, and increasing global footprint.

Factors leading to growth in the IT/ITes sector are:

  • Low operating costs and tax advantage.
  • Favourable government policies.
  • Technically qualified personnel easily available in the country.
  • Rapid adoption of IT technologies in major sectors as Telecom, Manufacturing and BFSI.
  • Strong growth in export demand from new verticals and non-traditional sectors as public sector, media and utilities.
  • Use of new and emerging technologies such as cloud computing.
  • SEZ as growth drivers; as more of SEZs are now being set up in Tier II cities and about 43 new tier II/III cities are emerging as IT delivery locations.
Internet trends

More recently, online retailing, cloud computing and e-commerce are leading to rapid growth in the IT industry. Online shopping is fast gaining popularity with the emergence of internet retailing and e-commerce.
According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) the number of Internet users in the country is more than 121 million, out of which 17 million are online shoppers. Increasing internet penetration and affordability for personal computers has led to this rapid numbers, and these are expected to triple by 2015.
According to IAMAI, online sales of branded apparel almost doubled in volume to 4.99 million pieces during April 2012, as against 2.54 million in the same month a year ago. Also, E-ticketing continued to grow with irctc.com recording 5.56 million bookings in April, 2012, as compared to 2.26 million bookings in April 2011.