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Market/Supplier Intelligence

Asia Research Partners business Intelligence team strongly focused on generating customer delight aimed at developing long term synergistic relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet high customer expectations on the back of our unwavering emphasis on Quality and on-time delivery.

Asia Research Partners provides category-specific support to its clients in evaluating supplier RFIs —conducting both supplier identification and pre-qualification—so that they can skip to the RFP phase immediately. We support the RFQ/RFP process from design to execution, including providing analyst support and facilitation as well as rigorous RFP Analytics, as is necessitated in complex global sourcing scenarios (i.e., evaluating multi-product distributors across multiple regions and countries).

  1. Supplier Identification and Profiling/Tracking (Global/Regional).
  2. Supplier Capability Assessment (Production and Technical Capabilities).

Few Recent Case Studies

Detailed profiling and analysis of top global IT companies on behalf of an end-client that wanted to identify the right supplier to enter into a long term IT procurement agreement with the same Identification and profiling of Energy brokerage companies in the UK on behalf of an end-user client; project involved mapping of service offering across the supplier universe

Identification of leading legal service providers in the UK; the study was undertaken on behalf of an Indian player that had to hire a UK based legal counsel for procuring services related to a financial transaction